Mission Statement

The Softball program will be recognized as a model where academics and athletics drive the success of the school and the local community.  We want to develop a culture of excellence at Grapevine High and hope that our student-athletes are outstanding members of their community who are proud of what they have built for future generations of Mustangs. 

                                                                                           CORE VALUES

  1. To make sure every student athlete GRADUATES

  2. To insure players hold themselves to higher standards than non-athletes, whether in the classroom or out in the community.

  3. To instill a drive in our student-athletes that will help them reach their full potential.

  4. To teach our student athletes what it means to be part of a team and to be accountable to herself, teammates, and make sacrifices for the good of the team.

  5. To instill a work ethic in our student athletes that will help them succeed in life.

  6. To build role models out of our younger players and to encourage each of our players to continue to be the role models they have become.

  7. To make sure you play for the love of the game, because of the game, and not for what the game can bring to them, such as scholarships and trophies.

  8. To continue a rich tradition in athletics before, during, and after the softball season.

  9. To bring community, family, friendships, and all relationships closer together because of what we do and how we play.

  10. To win.


                              Only - The - Strong - Survive